VOLUME VClosing Deal Is Done? Give a Gift to Celebrate!By Azeezah Ayodolapo Alausa and Shamontiel L. VaughnRealtors meet countless clients, some of which end up being repeat clients if they move again. Once the lease is approved and signed, giving closing gifts are both a common courtesy and a way to leave a long-lasting, positive impression. Sometimes it’s tough to find the best gift for new tenants, especially if the rental transaction was reasonably quick. Fortunately, these 13 gift ideas should work for anyone.

Custom DécorEcommerce sites like Etsy have made ordering custom-made items and decor even easier. Consider ordering a personalized throw pillow or a handmade sign. If the renter’s favorite sports team, vacation spot or another specific fun fact about them is known, order and frame this as customized artwork. Wall décor isn’t always the priority of tenants when first moving in, so this may serve as both inspiration and initiative to start the new décor plan.Smart Technology DeviceSmart home technology can be fun and practical. Some innovative technology items include a smart alarm clock, vacuum or thermostat. A virtual home assistant like Google Home or Amazon Echo may benefit clients on a day-to-day basis, too.

Home Improvement Store Gift CardRenting a home can be expensive, and clients will more than likely appreciate gestures that’ll bring some form of comfort to their financial string. Buy a store gift card for a local hardware shop or a home goods store to help with immediate fixes needed outside of the tenant-landlord agreement.

Interior Design Service Consultation
Looking at an empty home and figuring out how to arrange the entire space can seem overwhelming. Consultation for an interior design service can ease this task. However, interior services should be in line with the landlord’s agreement. (If the rental agreement requires authorization for permanent changes to the property like painting or even simple things like the color of custom blinds, check with the landlord before taking any further steps. Realtors who want to do repeat business will want to shy away from creating tension between property owners and tenants.)

Welcome MatWelcome renters into their new homes with eye-catching mats. Personalize their mats, or choose a safe design that matches the current home decor. Make sure to measure the size of the entrance so it fits correctly.Potted PlantsWith a potted plant or a dwarf fruit tree, the entire property adds greenery and becomes more environmentally friendly. This will especially warm the hearts of renters with green thumbs. For renters with decks or balconies, outdoor plants may be fun, too.

Cleaning and Bath ProductsEveryday household items like cleaning and bath products are a practical gift during the move-in process—and any other day. For Realtors who worry about allergens, lean toward more eco-friendly products. While fragrances may be a matter of taste, choose a safe ingredient and aroma such as lemon or lavender.

New Hometown MemorabiliaClients probably have more than enough T-shirts, cups, and photo memories from their previous city or state. If they’re new to the neighborhood, give them a framed map or cup of their new home state to welcome them in.

Customized Return Address LabelsNew tenants are already trying to get their financial paperwork in order, and handle packing and move-in fees. Getting around to ordering return address labels is probably the last thing on their minds, but they will eventually need return address labels to send out mail. If they’ve moved in around the holiday season, that will be one less thing they have to worry about for holiday cards.

Meal Kit Gift CardsMeal kit delivery services are increasingly popular as they help busy individuals and professionals quickly and conveniently with meal preparation. Whether the client is new to cooking or wants more time to master the art, a food delivery gift card is a dependable gift to temporarily fill their fridges and add a few new menu items.Pots and Pans SetThere’s a pretty good chance that the renters already have their own cookware. However, digging them out of the box, along with everything else, will probably require some time. It’s no coincidence that fast food and pizza boxes are usually the go-to for move-in and move-out days. For tenants who are chefs or very picky about their cookware, this may be the gift to stay away from. But for those who would appreciate it, a set of nonstick cookware couldn’t hurt. It may also be a welcome surprise to go with the meal kit gift card—and one less household item they have to dig around to find.

Pet Supply Gift CardIs this a pet-friendly rental? If yes, help them welcome their dog or cat into the new rental with a pet delivery box filled with toys and treats. Pets often have a hard time getting acclimated to new surroundings. Treats and toys could be welcome distractions. This gift will surely be put to good use as it will distract the pets while the tenants are trying to unpack and get organized.

Thank You NotesA gift card to a coffee shop, grocery store or any of the places above is useful. However, it will go away as soon as the renter spends the value on the card. A handwritten “thank you” card, on the other hand, is something that they can keep for the long haul. Hopefully one of these suggested gifts, along with a new home, makes clients remember the Realtor come move-out day—or as a recommendation to a friend.

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