Go4Rent Magazine for RentersGo4Rent Magazine is known for educational tips for Realtors, property managers and landlords. In our sister site, Go4Rent Magazine for Renters shares tenant tips on rental amenities, repairs and upgrades, and rental rights.Vol. I
  1. Repairs: Who Pays for What?
  2. Is Smart Technology a Smart Decision for Tenants?
  3. The Renter’s Guide To Getting a Pet
  4. One Tenant Too Many
  5. Accent Walls: Yay or Nay?
  6. Is Wabi-Sabi the Best Way to Decorate a Home?
Vol. II1. Is the Landlord a Scam Artist?
2. Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, Finding the Realtor Who’s Just Right
3. Out-of-State Landlords: Are They ‘Out of Mind’ With Tenants?
4. Stand Out from Other Rental Applicants
5. Damaged Credit, Prior Broken Lease, Self-Employed: How Do I Get Approved to Rent?
6. Are Breakfast Nooks Practical In Today’s Homes?
Vol. III1. Renegotiating the Rent Rate
2. Do Tenants Have the Right to Have New Homes Rekeyed?
3. Is the Security Deposit OK for the Final Month’s Rent?
4. How To Get a Deposit Back
5. Avoid Penalties By Ending the Lease the Right Way
6. Tips and Tricks to Handle Windowless Bathrooms

Repairs: Who Pays for What?

For a landlord, a rental property is an uphill battle against mishaps, calamities, the hands of time and sometimes nature itself. To guard their investment, property owners must plan ahead, maneuver tactfully and sometimes be prepared to cut their losses.


Can Pet-Friendly Homes Bring Better Tenants?

“Do you have a pet-friendly policy?” It’s a common question that landlords receive before attempting to rent a single-family home.


Tenant Modifications That Make a Happy Home

Although some modifications cannot be considered such as replacing all the flooring or repainting the entire home, allowing minor modifications helps tenants feel like a rental property is indeed “home."


Rekey for Tenant Safety

Each state will exhibit different property code requirements for rekeying rentals. This is partially due to the demographics and population needs of individual landlords and tenants.


How To Protect Yourself From Marginal Applicants

Property managers and landlords are often faced with uncomfortable choices: to rent to the well-meaning but credit-challenged tenants or wait until the ideal candidates pop up.