Note from the Editor- Shamontiel L. VaughnTo say that 2020 was a wild ride is an understatement, and the first week of January confirmed that 2021 had no intention of any dull moments either. At the time of my writing, there are 50,321,503 people infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) and 799,847 who have died from it.Unfor tunately, I already know this number will be inaccurate by the time Volume III goes to print. COVID-19 is reportedly the worst pandemic in the United States, even bypassing the 1918 Spanish flu. This outbreak left tenants and landlords scrambling to financially survive in a period of unemployment and social isolation. Both groups are still unsure of what to do once the federal eviction moratorium expired this summer. I hope you get some of the answers you’re looking for in “COVID-19 Left Tenants and Landlords Scrambling” and “No Vaccine, No Rental: Can Landlords Reject an Unvaccinated Tenant?”Go4Rent is intended to be a source that property owners, realtors, landlords and tenants can find solid information, advice and suggestions to make sure your professional relationships with each other are top-notch. That’s why you should check out feature stories like “Repairs: Who Pays for What?” and “Is Smart Technology a Smart Investor Decision?” along with “Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, Finding the Realtor Who’s Just Right.”In a perfect world, property owners would never have to worry about something like bedbugs or busted pipes. In the real world, life happens. Read “Battle of the Bedbugs” and “Winterization: Preparing for Old Man Winter” to help get ahead of both situations before they can become a problem for your rental life.Don’t forget to check out regular columns, including design and remodeling tips in “Quick Take.” The topic this month is “Accent Walls: Yay or Nay?” And of course, it wouldn’t be a real estate magazine if we didn’t highlight all the great local communities.We hope this winter issue answers questions you may already have and some you didn’t even know to ask. Is there a topic you’d like us to talk about? Contact me at shamontiel.vaughn@go4rent. com. We look forward to hearing from you!Shamontiel L Vaughn Editor-In-Chief

Repairs: Who Pays for What?

For a landlord, a rental property is an uphill battle against mishaps, calamities, the hands of time and sometimes nature itself. To guard their investment, property owners must plan ahead, maneuver tactfully and sometimes be prepared to cut their losses.


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