VOLUME I: Note From the CEO/PublisherThink Outside the LockboxWhat can Go4Rent do for you? Since inception, we’ve helped countless numbers of Realtors and landlords navigate the complexities of the rental home market. Our stance will always be to provide our users with information and to educate them about our ever-changing environment. Today, we continue that philosophy with “Go4Rent the Magazine."

In lieu of educating landlords on how to invest, Go4Rent discusses ways to remain on the good side of the law and how to establish happy, long-term tenant relationships.
Finding a good resource is time-consuming. With each issue, we will discuss a legal issue pertaining to our industry with a goal to keep the landlord out of lengthy legal battles with their tenants. For landlords, “I didn’t know” is not an acceptable defense strategy when appearing in court. You’re supposed to know.If I knew then what I know now, I would have been a more-informed landlord. I will share my decades of knowledge with you as a renter, Realtor, investor and business owner. We all may learn something new and special along the way.We will deliver great content that is relevant to our audience.Jonathan H. Coleman, Broker, MBA Realtor and Landlord Relations Manager

Repairs: Who Pays for What?

For a landlord, a rental property is an uphill battle against mishaps, calamities, the hands of time and sometimes nature itself. To guard their investment, property owners must plan ahead, maneuver tactfully and sometimes be prepared to cut their losses.


Can Pet-Friendly Homes Bring Better Tenants?

“Do you have a pet-friendly policy?” It’s a common question that landlords receive before attempting to rent a single-family home.


Tenant Modifications That Make a Happy Home

Although some modifications cannot be considered such as replacing all the flooring or repainting the entire home, allowing minor modifications helps tenants feel like a rental property is indeed “home."


Rekey for Tenant Safety

Each state will exhibit different property code requirements for rekeying rentals. This is partially due to the demographics and population needs of individual landlords and tenants.


How To Protect Yourself From Marginal Applicants

Property managers and landlords are often faced with uncomfortable choices: to rent to the well-meaning but credit-challenged tenants or wait until the ideal candidates pop up.